The Multimeter – Volts and Amps

The Multimeter is the most useful tool in diagnosing electronic circuits. If you are keen to progress further in electronics a multimeter is a must have in your tool box. It can be used to measure a range of electronic principles but most commonly used for the measurement of Voltage (in Volts), Current (in Amps) and Resistance in (Ohms).



  1. Turn multimeter dial to the Ohms symbol, ensure leads are plugged into Com and V sockets as shown in picture bellow (Measuring Resistance).
  2. Touch leads across two legs of a resistor while it is not in a circuit. You should get a reading that is close to the expected value of the resistor. for example if you chose a 330 ohm resistor (orange, orange, brown, gold) you should get a value between 214 and 346 Ohms. (this difference is due the to tolerance of the resistor and we are using 5% tolerance).
  3. Complete the circuit under measuring voltage.
  4. Turn the multimeter dial to V (DC) and attach an alligator clip to each lead of the multimeter.
  5. Clip the two alligator clips to either side of the LED as shown in the circuit bellow.
  6. Connect the power supply and read the voltage across the LED
  7. Try replacing the Resistor with a 1K resistor and take note of the brightness of the LED and voltage value on the Multimeter
  8. Disconnect the alligator clips from the LED and put the Multimeter into A (Amps) mode to measure the current by turning the dial
  9. To measure the current flowing through a circuit you need to break the circuit and inset the multimeter
  10. Connect the alligator clips between the LED and the Resistor
  11. Observe the current measurement in mA (Milliamps)
  12. Swap the resistor with a 1K or 10K resistor and observe the change of current on the multimeter and brightness of LED
  13. Record findings in Learning Journal

Fritzing Breadboard Layout and Schematic Diagram:

Measuring Resistance:

Multimeter Ohms Measure FritzingFritzing Schmatic Measure Resistance Ohms







Measuring Volts:

Fritzing Multimeter Volt Meter Breadboard

Fritzing Multimeter Measure Volt Schmatic


Measuring current:

Fritzing Multimeter Amp Meter Breadboard

Fritzing Multimeter Measure Amps


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